Digital Lesson Plans

Lockheed Martin partnered with Discovery Education to develop lesson plans, activities, and other resources. With your help, we can prepare and inspire this generation to reach new heights.

Digital Lesson Plan

Challenge your pupils to analyse how weather impacts the safety of a launch and explore what living in space would be like.

Space Spin-offs Challenge Family Activity

Play the Space Spin-offs Challenge with your family to discover products that are used on Earth but were originally invented for use in space.

Holiday to Mars Family Activity

Everyone looks forward to a family holiday no matter how close or far away from home it may be. Imagine if you could go on a family holiday to a different planet!

Digital Lesson Plan

Challenge your pupils to solve real-world problems, and encourage a deeper understanding of how space flight leads to innovation here on Earth.

Career Launcher Game Family Activity

Play this game with your friends, family or people in your class and find out more about the skills, careers and abilities that could launch your career in space exploration.

Bottle Rocket Challenge Family Activity

Go beyond the classroom and extend learning with activities designed for families to complete together.

Innovation Across the Universe

Discover many of the spacecraft and space missions that help us better understand our solar system. Learn more

Mars Walk App

Mars Walk is a virtual reality app that can be experienced using a smart phone. It provides a fun, interactive, and educational tour of the red planet.

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